Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds offer clean, sophisticated linear styling and space saving to your windows. They are excellent choice for sliding doors or large windows. It can open and close completely or partially, and it also has the added benefit of tilting the slats creating a sense of light and privacy.


• Fabric

• Low Track Profile
• “H” Profile Runner
• Slim Profile End Control
• Removable Spacer Link

Accessories / Options:
• “J” Profile, Powder Coating Track, Hand Drive Control, Motorization

Fabric Size Option:
• 89mm and 127mm

Fabric Range:
• Premio, Jackal, Palm, Neonex, Ebony, Danube, A-841, R-769, Excel, Maple, Linen, Greece, Pheonix, Brook II, Elite, Crystal, Metro, Avenue

Details of Plant & Machinery:
• Fabric Cutting Machine
• Track Cutting Machine
• Sewing Machine