Somfy Glydea™ ULTRA

The Ultra-Quiet Curtain Motor

Open and close your curtains smoothly and in silence to create a perfect ambiance without disturbing your peace and quiet.


Silence in Motion

Technological innovation generates less noise and absorbs vibration throughout the system, giving a minimum acoustic level of -38dB.

Silence in Beauty

Glydea™ ULTRA blends seamlessly into every décor and is suitable for all curtain types, from linen or velvet to blackout or insulating drapes.


  • Somfy Glydea™ ULTRA 35e WT
  • Somfy Glydea™ ULTRA 35e RTS
  • Somfy Glydea™ ULTRA 60e WT
  • Somfy Glydea™ ULTRA 60e RTS