Somfy Connexoon RTS

Control your home with your smartphone, the only remote controller you always have at hand and that works anywhere, anytime.


  • Personalise and play 4 pre-named scenarios to control simultaneously several connected products:

Back home scenario

  • Example: When you come home, in one click, your interior blinds and curtains open and some selected lights switch on.

Leave Home scenario

  • Example: When you go to work, close in one click some selected interior blinds and open the garage door and close it after leaving the home.

Sun protection scenario

  • Example: When the sun is shining you can close your blinds ( e.g. half way down) of the southern facade in one press on your Smartphone.

Privacy scenario

  • Example: In the evening, close your interior blinds and curtains of your living room to protect yourself from outside glances.


  • Personalise (even adding your own pictures!) and play up to 4 ambiances to control simultaneously several connected interior blinds and curtains to fit life moments.

Some examples:

  • TV scenario: Close the living room curtain and switches off the lighting.
  • Night scenario: Close all interior blinds and curtains in one click.
  • Morning scenario: Blinds go up and venetian blinds tilt to ‘my’ position.
  • Party scenario: Set Philips Hue light colours and brightness, close blackout blinds.


  • Program your interior blinds, curtains and lighting depending on time.
  • Example: During the week your interior blinds and curtains close automatically at 9 pm and open at 7 am.